Jane Grant

Sources and Open Discussion

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Have we tempted a biographer? I’ve heard of initial excitement, so please keep sharing until we seal the deal. At the very least, I hope that Jane Grant gets more attention in forthcoming stories about the founding of The New Yorker, and that her efforts at the magazine decades after her divorce—covered in some detail here (and here) alongside letters and documents with visible dates—will be recognized, too.  

A note on what I was light on: The New York Times and The New Yorker’s general history. Concurrent luminaries (most notably, Katharine White). The Algonquin Round Table and literary Manhattan. Many more articles and essays written by Grant. After Wit’s End, I spent little time describing her homes, and who worked in them. I only touched on White Flower Farm. And so much more. That’s why we need a book. 

When I discovered Jane Grant almost a year ago, I would never have imagined I’d share her story in a newsletter—or that I’d have a newsletter—but I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

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